Thursday, November 05, 2015

Petit Bois Island, MS to Ingram Bayou, AL

After a peaceful night, although a bit humid, we were up at 0600. Checking the weather forecast, it appeared it was going to be a bit windier than forecast yesterday. But still well within our comfort limits. But I wanted to get underway as soon as possible, in case the wind picked up this afternoon.

A quick engine room check, top off the day tank, and engines started by 0635. By 0645 we had the anchor up and were on our way. Once underway I prepared breakfast. Paula was having a hungry day so I cooked up scrambled eggs and big pot of buttery grits.

Passed under the Dauphin Island bridge and entered Mobile Bay (our nemesis).  But wind is only 10-12 knots, with 1' waves. So this should be an easy crossing. We are currently 2/3 of the way across, and should be finished by 1230. Just in time for lunch!

We finished the crossing and entered the ICW at 1225. Easy peasy!

Uneventfull trip through the ICW to Ingram Bayou. Lulu's was kickin' when we passed at lunch time, but we were already munching on leftover Domino's pizza. No boats here when we arrived at Ingram at 1400 so we were able to anchor in our favorite spot. We had it to ourselves for all of an hour before another boat arrived. Of course, they came all the way to the back and anchored next to us. Then another boat arrived shortly after that and tried to anchor between us. I had to call him on the radio to let him know he was about to drop his  anchor right on top of ours. Fortunately, he agreed to move further back and anchor behind us. But it looks like just the three boats here for the night.

Everyone launched their dinghy's to take their pets ashore. Duke will do his business on the bow if there is no other choice. But if there is a beach in sight he will put on his pretty face and stare at shore until we give in. It has been two days since he has had a bathroom break. He was doing the pee pee dance as we approached shore. He was barely off the dinghy before hiking his leg. Poor guy!

Back to the boat for sundowners and we are all happy campers.

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