Monday, January 15, 2018

Bay St. Louis, MS to Orange Beach, AL

Well, we are finally underway after a few delays waiting for the best weather window to cross Mobile Bay.  Ken (he’s the captain) and I (Sheree, first mate) are bound for the Bahamas aboard Microship.  We will spend the winter months cruising through the beautiful waters of the Caribbean.  This is Ken’s second trip and my first and I’m having to pinch myself often because...I must be dreaming, right?....I have a lot to learn about being a first mate (However, I do make a pretty good breakfast burrito) and am thankful that the captain is so knowledgable and ......dare I say, Patient???  
We pulled away from the marina in Bay St. Louis, Ms. yesterday evening and just did make it without hitting bottom in the very low tide.  Our main goal was to get away after the winds subsided and coordinate that time with the tidal range.  We did a short 3 hour run to Cat Island and anchored for the night so that we could get a good night’s sleep and make an early start.  We did make that early start today, underway at 6:30am, but the good night’s sleep was not to be.  I think it was just a matter of being “too tired to rest”.  
Today we will head across Mobile Bay and hopefully, anchor near Orange Beach.  So far the day is going well, with me cooking and cleaning (galley wench extrordinaire) and Ken taking care of little hiccups with the moving parts and gauges on Microship (did I say how knowledgable he is?).  I am learning about the navigation system: charts, radar, ASI, PCA, targets, etc. and do have to take over the helm every 2 hours so he can do engine room checks and transfer fuel.  At first that was a bit unnerving for me but I am gaining confidence each time  (I always have the burritos to fall back on...)

Speaking of which, it’s about that time again so I must head up to the Pilot House and do some piloting....Over but not Out


John said...

Great progress.
It surely doesn’t take long to get used to marine life.
You’ll. Have many memories of this trip, enjoy.

Make sure you get to the Berry Islands, and Great Harbor Cay Marina!

John said...

Looks like a chilly night!