Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Day 6 (Wednesday) - The sun returns!

For once, the weather forecast has certainly been accurate. We were supposed to have gale force winds, and we did. Our weather alert system (flying bridge aluminum frame) thrummed and wailed all night long. There were many times during the night when a strong gust would slam the side of the boat and make it rock side to side. At one time this may have been bothersome, but now it just rocks us back to sleep.

It got quite chilly overnight, but we were snug as a bug in a rug, curled up with each other under our down comforter and blanket. Duke was curled up on the couch under his own blanket. Since we generally don't run the generator overnight, that means no heaters. But there really is no need, we are both a bit hot blooded, and would rather the boat be cold, than warm.

We awoke to a beautiful, sunny sky. But the wind is gusting to 30-40 mph, so the wind chill is bitter if you step outside.

Duke and I made a run to shore, for his pleasure. Once ashore, and in the woods, it was not too bad as we were out of the wind. He took care of business quickly, but I walked around and allowed him to go exploring. He has not had a chance to spend more than a few minutes ashore since last Thursday, so he appreciated the opportunity to romp a bit. It was quite amusing to watch him. He would go off into the woods until he would just lose sight of me. Then he would come running back at full tilt, leaping over branches and bushes. Once he got back to he would go off exploring in the opposite direction, then repeat the process. He had a good time, and burned off some excess energy.

We still have three sailboats here this morning. No one is any hurry to take a dinghy ride, with the bitter wind blowing like it is. One of the boats was supposed to head off to the Wharf Marina yesterday, but I think the stormy weather delayed that.

The Three Amigos!

Paula was cooking breakfast by the time Duke and I returned. Homemade biscuits, and green onion sausage patties. I just love sausage biscuits! As I came aboard, she handed me a mug of steaming hot coffee. What a woman!

We spent the morning trying to decide if we should again attempt to get over to Pirates Cove for lunch. While the wind is out of the NW, meaning it should be a relatively soft and dry ride, it is REALLY cold out there. So neither of us is sure we are willing to make the chilly ride over. Plus, we want to take Duke, since the place is dog friendly. But he is likely to freeze his skinny tail off before we get there. His Aunt Becca has purchased a sweater for him, but he won't get that until we get back home.

Shortly before lunch the sailboat, that was supposed to leave yesterday, pulled out. So now we are down to two boats left here. The original boat is not supposed to leave until Saturday; not sure what the other one plans to do.

We are down to two other boats here.

Here are some pictures of how it looks from our vantage point inside the boat. Really nice scenery, not sure  if you can see the Pelicans and Loons around the boat.

Duke loves laying in the sun. He is quite content that he can lay in his favorite spot on the couch, and have the sun, too. We call it "belly up mode". This is how he likes to sleep.

Well, this has been another Bloody Mary morning, so I think it is nap time now. Perhaps I will write more tonight.  Perhaps, there will even be something to write about!! :)

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Scott Kolek said...

Nice pictures! Glad the worst of the weather is behind you guys, are you going to continue forward to Navarre Beach, your original plans, or head on back to Bay St. Louis?

Happy Thanksgiving!